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  • I connected with Nicolas to receive support with my Autoimmune condition. I truly am thankful I discovered his work! He is supportive, knowledgeable and caring, and an excellent listener. He has helped me thus far increase my energy levels and my sleep has improved as well! He has given me perfectly aligned suggestions for lifestyle and diet that have really made improvements already! Nicolas meets me where I’m at, guiding me closer to health without overwhelming the process, but offering well-thought out solutions to help me meet my goals. I am so grateful for meeting you Nicolas! Thank you for inspiring my health journey!

    Karen Prosen
    Karen Prosen
  • My session with Nicolas was and still is a turning point in how I approach my health. His way is holistic in the most practical and simplest way. His knowledge is vast and far reaching yet not overwhelming. I had health coaching before that left me feeling overwhelmed and incapable of following protocols. Yet with Nicolas, I knew that health and vitality can be attained so naturally and easily. His passion for his work is truly inspiring reminding me that I owe it to my body to take care of it to the best of my ability.


    Fida Fadel
    Fida Fadel
  • Here is what I have observed and felt from Nicolas during the 3 months of being coached by him.

    He is always being there for me, calm, understanding, listening, loving and encouraging.  He never gives me any sense of feeling judgements or pressure even if internally I felt like I didn’t achieve my weekly goals perfectly.  He showed me what true compassion and love is, looks like and feels like.  He showed me the great example of how we can all give and be with others.

    He is really clear and precise about the points he shares and is aware of the energy dynamics.  Countless times I felt him speaking the exact words I needed to hear in moments when my internal thoughts and feelings were vague, and confusing.  Through his clear feedback I was able to address the issues at hand with clarity and confidence.

    He always encourages me to share openly and he is always there for me when I feel down.  Through his eyes, words, laughter and joyful presence, I saw my own beauty, openness, and my joy… he is a wonderful mirror through which I was able to see and remember my true self.

    Winnie Yang
    Winnie Yang
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