• My session with Nicolas was and still is a turning point in how I approach my health. His way is holistic in the most practical and simplest way. His knowledge is vast and far reaching yet not overwhelming. I had health coaching before that left me feeling overwhelmed and incapable of following protocols. Yet with Nicolas, I knew that health and vitality can be attained so naturally and easily. His passion for his work is truly inspiring reminding me that I owe it to my body to take care of it to the best of my ability.


    Fida Fadel
    Fida Fadel
  • I connected with Nicolas to receive support with my Autoimmune condition. I truly am thankful I discovered his work! He is supportive, knowledgeable and caring, and an excellent listener. He has helped me thus far increase my energy levels and my sleep has improved as well! He has given me perfectly aligned suggestions for lifestyle and diet that have really made improvements already! Nicolas meets me where I’m at, guiding me closer to health without overwhelming the process, but offering well-thought out solutions to help me meet my goals. I am so grateful for meeting you Nicolas! Thank you for inspiring my health journey!

    Karen Prosen
    Karen Prosen
  • Nicolas Dudet has hands that are an extension of his loving heart. He creates safe space to feel and release whatever is needed. A wonderful healer and man. 

    Robert Silber
    Robert Silber Conscious Sensuality
  • I recently had the pleasure of a 1.5 hour session with Nicolas . He is a very intuitive body worker with great positive energy. All my sore muscles from surfing were soothed - I came out of the session totally relaxed and calm which lasted well into the following days. Highly recommend!

    James Dawson - Byron Bay, Australia
    James Dawson - Byron Bay, Australia
  • My massage with Nic was a true gift! He has such a calming, grounded presence and his unconditional love flows effortlessly through his expert hands. I felt incredibly held and cared-for, while he used his intuitive skills to work through all the nooks and crannies of tension.. Mmm.. Let yourself have it!

    Leslie Grace
    Leslie Grace
  • "Thank you Nick for such a wonderful Massage! I would highly recommend Nick if your looking for an all around amazing bodyworker with impeccable integrity, honor and transparency. He is a hidden gem and if you are blessed enough to work with him it will be a true honor!

    He has many gifts that range from being a Bodyworker, Yoga Enthusiast, Raw Food Lover to being an Incredible Wind Surfer and Surf Instructor, to name a few, and together this is a dynamic duo of mastery that allows Nick to really understand the body and how best to nurture it back to balance.

    Not only that, but most importantly he has a Pure Heart and a True Love for Serving!

    My experience working with Nick was wonderful! He is an incredibly talented and gifted therapist with a passion for connecting to the heart of the matter. He truly works from his hearts center and was very professional and thorough during our entire session."

    Michelle Azadian
    Michelle Azadian
  • Wherever Nicolas goes, the world becomes a warmer, brighter, happier place. He radiates his positive attitude, his openness, vulnerability and power into every interaction he is involved in and engages everyone around him with his presence, kindness and graciousness.

    I have watched him grow, seen him bring his fierce commitment and integrity into challenging situations, and his humility, maturity and trust into situations that most people would find overwhelming and upsetting. He is a man that is brave enough to live by his core values, and honorable in a way that makes the world safe for both.

    I have been fortunate enough to have formed friendships with some of the most amazing men and women in this world from Dame Jane Goodall, Sir Richard Branson, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Kenny Loggins, and many others. I have become a good judge of character and have developed a sense that knows when I am in the presence of greatness. When I am with Nicolas Dudet, I know I am in the presence of greatness.

    Spar Street
    Spar Street
  • I still remember the day I put my eyes on Nicolas a couple years ago when I heard Matt Kahn was telling Nicolas that he has a bright light and that he must share more light with the world. 

    Later I had conversation with him that day, Nicolas told me that after healing his own body, he’s been on the journey of finding and sharing the best alternative and holistic approaches to help people heal their bodies, free themselves of suffering and embody their birthright, vibrant health.

    At that time I was already on the spiritual journey, and I always admire people who have a good heart and pure desire to serve others and a great and clear vision on how to do so effectively.

    After meeting him at Matt Kahn’s event, I was always interested his life… through Facebook, I noticed Nicolas’ experience of his life in a very free, expanding and healthy way… always openly sharing his life, his heart and his love with others and I just love and appreciate him for this.  I feel this world is a better place because of him and many others like him.

    I feel deeply inspired by Nicolas to embody my greatest potential as he reminds and inspires me to be free, open, honest, calm, peaceful, healthy, beautiful and bright. 

    Back to the topic of coaching, there are few reasons I was looking for his help:

    1. I had many doubts and felt inefficient and incapable of being, accepting and loving myself. 

    2. I felt I wasn’t being honest with myself on who and what I was being and embodying and being clear of the version of myself I truly wish to be and become.

    I couldn’t trust my own words and desires… I felt like I had a huge block stopping me from being able to confidently take action in the direction of my heart’s desires and creating a life I love. 

    3. I experienced deep self judgement, and I felt my entire life like it didn’t matter how much I worked on myself, I never felt I was good enough still.

    4. My entire life I felt too weak, powerless and confused to be able to intentionally and confidently create the life I truly wanted. I struggled to try to be a good person, to make people like me, to find a man to support me and this lead me further away from living a truly fulfilling life.

    Here is what I have observed and felt from Nicolas during the 3 months of being coached by him.

    He is always being there for me, calm, understanding, listening, loving and encouraging.  He never gives me any sense of feeling judgements or pressure even if internally I felt like I didn’t achieve my weekly goals perfectly.  He showed me what true compassion and love is, looks like and feels like.  He showed me the great example of how we can all give and be with others.

    He is really clear and precise about the points he shares and is aware of the energy dynamics.  Countless times I felt him speaking the exact words I needed to hear in moments when my internal thoughts and feelings were vague, and confusing.  Through his clear feedback I was able to address the issues at hand with clarity and confidence.

    He is really gentle and he always appreciates and recognizes me. He always encourages me to share openly and he is always there for me when I feel down.  Through his eyes, words, laughter and joyful presence, I saw my own beauty, openness, and my joy… he is a wonderful mirror through which I was able to see and remember my true self.

    I experienced many breakthroughs by being coached by Nicolas:

    Loving myself more honestly and deeply.

    Forgiving and understanding life more… I used to have bad feelings towards my mom, and with Nicolas’ guidance of finding my mom’s good intentions, I now feel more authentic love for her, more authentic love for myself and for others who I considered hurt me in the past.

    I used to compare myself with others and now I am more relaxed, and I don't feel a need to compete anymore. There is a sense of curiosity and excitement about myself and being me.

    I feel much more capable to handle anything in my life now.  I welcome new experiences, embrace what I can learn,  see how I can expand,  and look for ways that I can embody my greatest self in all that I do.

    I trust myself way more than before. With Nicolas’ help I took actions to work on my financial independence and abundance.  I now trust my ability and feel empowered to achieve my goals. I feel strong and capable, knowing I don’t need to depend on financial support from a man or anyone else and I am excited to create a life of abundance for myself.

    I no longer like to limit myself.  Now I am taking full responsibility for my life and stepping into expanding my potential and raising my consciousness in all areas.  I know nobody else can define or limit who I am and I am capable of doing and creating anything my heart desires most.

    I am now embodying deeper love for myself and others and I am willing to embrace everyone and all that is. Everyone should be different from me… that is the beauty and abundance of life.

    I express myself more freely and authentically and I feel free to joke around with friends.

    I now feel and recognize the beauty in being a woman and I appreciate, love and adore my body.

    I am more receptive and open to life - I feel a big sense of allowing, and know everything is going to be ok.

    I’ve also began to fully listen, acknowledge and be fully present in all relationships in my life… another big benefit I’ve learned from Nicolas.

    I would recommend anyone who needs support, who needs friendship and who loves to discover how great they can be to reach out and connect with Nicolas. He will always be there for you, as love, as a blessing of love.

    Deep appreciation to Nicolas and many who are willing to be there to listen, understand and support us. Life is such a miracle and a blessing.


    Winnie Yang
    Winnie Yang
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