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My Mission Is To Empower You
In Mastering Freedom In Your Own Life
Helping You Embody Vibrant Health: Body Mind & Spirit

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Health Coaching

Certified by the Health Coach Institute
Coaching is a powerful tool to help you get from where you are to where you want to be as fast as possible.
Accountability, support and customized guidance will ensure that you step into your empowerment as fast as possible.


I am a certified Irigologist by Heal Thyself Academy. Iridology is the science and art of studying the iris and it is a powerful tool to clarify what mental/emotional and physical blockages are present in your body as seen through the eyes and therefore be able to provide you the knowing of how to efficiently heal and embody vibrant health.

Public Speaking

I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and wisdom I've gained that has transformed my life for the better to inspire and empower others to know how to heal themselves and embody their greatest potential.
I do this through online videos and in person events and retreats.


Wherever Nicolas goes, the world becomes a warmer, brighter, happier place. He radiates his positive attitude, his openness, vulnerability and power into every interaction he is involved in and engages everyone around him with his presence, kindness and graciousness.

Spar Street

I connected with Nicolas to receive support with my Autoimmune condition. I truly am thankful I discovered his work! He is supportive, knowledgeable and caring, and an excellent listener. He has helped me thus far increase my energy levels and my sleep has improved as well! He has given me perfectly aligned suggestions for lifestyle and diet that have really made improvements already! Nicolas meets me where I’m at, guiding me closer to health without overwhelming the process, but offering well-thought out solutions to help me meet my goals. I am so grateful for meeting you Nicolas! Thank you for inspiring my health journey!

Karen Prosen
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I would recommend anyone who needs support, who needs friendship and who loves to discover how great they can be to reach out and connect with Nicolas. He will always be there for you, as love, as a blessing of love.

Winnie Yang