My Mission Is To Empower You
In Mastering Freedom In Your Own Life
Helping You Embody Vibrant Health: Body Mind & Spirit

Health Coaching

I'm a Certified Health Coach by the Health Coach Institute.


I am a certified Irigologist by Heal Thyself Academy. Iridology is the science and art of studying the iris and it is a powerful tool to clarify what mental/emotional and physical blockages are present in the body as seen through the eyes and therefore be able to provide you the knowing of how to efficiently embody vibrant health.

Public Speaking

I am passionate about sharing the knowledge and wisdom I've gained that has transformed my life for the better to inspire and empower others to know how to heal and embody their greatest potential.

Hi, My Name is Nicolas Dudet and my Mission is to empower and guide you to embody your birthright: Freedom and Health in Body Mind & Spirit

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