Hi, my name is Nicolas Dudet

I’m a Certified Health Coach, Certified Iridologist/Sclerologist and Energy Bodyworker. My mission is to empower you to embody your highest potential in body, mind and spirit.

Growing up I experienced life long asthma which inhibited my ability to fully engage in the sports and activities that I love and enjoy. I also experienced getting “sick” yearly and constantly experienced different symptoms. I grew up being told my doctors that this was all normal and all that was ever offered were pharmaceutical remedies such as antibiotics, asthma inhalers, pain relieving pills, etc.

I grew up in Cancun, Mexico and despite having experienced multiple health challenges growing up such as asthma, I ended up excelling in what became my greatest passion growing up: Windsurfing. Being that windsurfing isn’t an aerobic sport and it didn’t trigger my asthmatic symptoms too often, I was able to train for windsurfing and soon began competing and shortly after placing 1st in the Mexican Windsurfing Nationals.

When I turned 17 I began to question everything I have been told to believe about health and immediately began implementing changes in my life with my health and lifestyle practices.

Within two months of implementing changes in my lifestyle with the new found knowledge I had gained, my asthma had disappeared completely.

My breath was finally free and this moment changed my life forever.

Through this experience I realized that we all have the power to heal and embody vibrant health by living in alignment with Nature and that through nourishing our body and removing the obstructions to dis-ease in all forms our body is then able to heal and returns to it’s natural state: Divine Health.

This experience and realization inspired me to learn how to embody my greatest potential in health and empower others to do so too.  I embarked on a quest to find out the truth about health and healing and how to embody our highest potential in energy, vitality and strength in body, mind and spirit.  By freeing myself of asthma, I experienced a new found way of being, one where I was fully connected to my breath and where my breath was completely open and free.

This allowed me to experience heightened levels of mental clarity, physical energy and emotional equanimity. This deepened my sensitivity and awareness and my questioning continued ever since, ever deepening my commitment to free myself of all that dims my light.

I took full responsibility for my health and realized that what I was told my whole life was a lie. The truth is that we all have the ability to heal,  regenerate and to embody our highest potential in every area of life. We are not victims to genes, health conditions, dis-ease or anything else for that matter.

We are the captains of our own ship. We hold infinite potential to create anything our hearts desire most, and all that is required is a willingness to question and to venture beyond the confines of the conditioning society has placed on us. Freedom is available to those who are willing to expand beyond the perceived limitations we believe we have that are only illusions.

I clearly remember that as a child I felt deeply saddened when hearing of the statistics shared of how the majority of people have a disease or health condition. Deep down I knew something was not right and after healing myself of asthma I realized that we are all capable to heal and meant to experience a life of health, joy, vitality and love.

We live in a society where health is suppressed, critical thinking is discouraged,  and empowering knowledge is hidden.

By freeing myself of asthma I set on a quest to find out the truth about health and healing, how to embody our full potential and live a life of FREEDOM and empower as many people as I can to do the same.

In order to create a healthy world, we must first start with ourselves by bringing harmony to our physical, mental and emotional bodies.  By regenerating and bringing harmony to our being, we then begin to open ourselves up to higher levels of consciousness, peace, creativity, abundance and we also allow our gifts to be embodied and expressed.

Without health, we have nothing. Health is truly our greatest wealth and it is the foundation from which we can create and express our infinite potential.

I believe you and everyone has powerful gifts and strengths yearning to be accessed, activated and expressed and my mission is to help you do so. I am here to remind you of your infinite potential and to catalyze positive transformation by empowering you with the tools, knowledge, support and guidance that has allowed me to free myself along my journey.

If you are truly ready and willing to free yourself from all that is constricting and limiting your highest potential to be embodied and expressed, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you willing to remember who you really are, how powerful you are, and reclaim the Freedom that is your birthright?

To Freedom,

Nicolas Dudet

P.S. You are powerful beyond measure