Hi, my name is Nicolas Dudet

And my mission is to empower you to embody your highest potential in body, mind and spirit. 

Growing up I experienced life long asthma which inhibited my ability to fully engage in the sports and activities that I love and enjoy. I also experienced getting “sick” yearly and constantly experiencing different symptoms. I grew up being told my doctors that this was all normal and all that was ever offered were pharmaceutical remedies such as antibiotics, asthma inhalers, pain relieving pills, etc. 

I grew up in Cancun, Mexico and despite having experienced multiple health challenges growing up such as asthma, I ended up excelling in what became my greatest passion growing up: Windsurfing. Being that windsurfing isn’t an aerobic sport and it didn’t trigger my asthmatic symptoms too often, I was able to train for windsurfing and soon competed state wide and nationally. I won first place in the Mexican Windsurfing Nationals in my age group 

When I turned 17 I began to question everything I have been told to believe about health and lifestyle and after making some changes with the foods I ate, my asthma dissapeared completely